Hiring an Immigration Lawyer For Your Green Card Application

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Immigration lawyers practice on their own and are not attached to the enforcement authorities or the US immigration. These lawyers are qualified to help customers with several issues, including visas, citizenship, green cards, permanent residence, and getting other immigration privileges.

If you want to live and work permanently in the US, you need to meet all the requirements and get the important documents.

The need for professionals

The Immigration law in the US is federal in nature, so you can consult an immigration lawyer from any state. The immigrant applicant can be living in any other country and can get the help of an immigration attorney residing in any state. It is true that not all issues require professional legal services. But when aspiring to get a green card, Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. recommends working with an experienced lawyer. This is important if you want to obtain a marriage green card in Utah.

Consult lawyers

Immigration lawyers normally charge a flat rate when you wish to meet with them. They will ask for various details and tell you how hiring them will be beneficial for your case. Some lawyers offer free first consultation, so you can understand the case and decide if you really need to hire an immigration lawyer. If you do need a lawyer, you should do some research online, shortlist a couple of candidates, and meet each of them before hiring one.

The first meeting with your lawyer

Carry all the relevant documents related to your case for your first meeting with your lawyer. These should include passports, visas, marriage certificates, records of any indictments, DUIs, notices from the US immigration department, etc. The lawyer will take notes and study the documents, before advising you on how to proceed with your case. If your case is straightforward, a flat fee will be charged. If it is complicated, then the lawyer might charge you on an hourly basis.

Hiring an immigration lawyer is a wise decision, as a professional can help increase your chances of obtaining your visa or green card. Make sure you hire the right attorney to ensure a positive outcome.