Can a Divorce Settlement Agreement be Changed?

Divorce agreement

Some divorced parents may find the settlement terms of their divorce–child custody, child support, division of properties, among others–unfair. If you believe there have been mistakes in the court’s decision on your divorce case, you have the right to appeal for changes in your agreement.

If you want to modify terms in your agreement, it is advisable that you get the services of a divorce or child support lawyer from a reputable firm like Feldman & Lee that understands your rights and interests.

Get yourself together

Going through a divorce is in itself a long emotional process, especially when you did not see it coming. What more if you receive unfair settlement terms?

An unfair divorce settlement might leave you with little in the way of income or livelihood even when you have custody of your children. If you are struggling with providing for your children, you may consider filing an appeal. But first, you need to try to get your life together. You need to prove that you are doing your best as a responsible parent to meet the needs of your children.

With the help of a credible lawyer, you can convince the court that the child support from your spouse is not enough to meet your children’s growing needs.

Assert that your children need to live a comfortable life and not a life of misery due to the raw deal you got from the separation.

Seek legal redress

A child support attorney can also appeal for a reexamination of your divorce settlement terms in light of developing events. Skyrocketing costs of living, school fees, and medical bills are sound grounds for your need for redress.

Changing times and growing needs might render your divorce settlement terms inadequate to meet the needs of your children. With an experienced lawyer on your side, you can persuade the court to review the terms in your favor.