Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Child Custody Case

Divorces are hard enough, but it can be a lot messier when children are involved. If not, your child custody might just be subject to discussion. To ensure you get a favorable outcome in your child custody case in Kent, make sure you get the best lawyer from Feldman & Lee to handle the case for you.

Before entering the courthouse, make sure you’ve discussed the following with your attorney:

Do You Earn Enough?

Since the children’s best interest is always the priority, consult with your attorney to know what kind of arrangements can be made to compensate for financial shortcomings. Raising a child is expensive, so you’ll need a stable source of funds to improve your chances of getting full custody.

Do You Care Enough?

A divorce is not just complicated for the former spouses. It’s even more challenging for a child. Everything they’ve known their whole life is changing, and the two people who are supposed to be constant in their lives are suddenly two separate individuals. Emotions will run high. It’s important that they know the divorce is between the parents and that they are not being abandoned. Both parents should be emotionally invested in their children so that they can grow into loving and caring members of society.

Do You Talk Enough?

As mentioned, the court will decide on custody arrangements depending on the child’s best interest. If the child is more comfortable with one parent, the court may be inclined to grant that party full custody. If you care for your child, make sure you tell them that they can always talk to you about anything that bothers them. Don’t just stop at saying you’re there for them. Make them feel your presence.

Children need love from both their parents, regardless of who gets custody. Show them that being a child of divorce does not mean they’ll be losing a parent.